Public Governance

Greetings. My name is Anant. I am standing as an Independent Candidate for North East Milton Keynes Constituency. I am not a professional politician. I am an exemplary public servant both professionally and in voluntary sector in recognition for which I was conferred with this Country’s first Community Ambassadors Leadership Medal on 29 Mar 2004.

I implore you to help me convert that resounding public service mandate into your independent, impartial, non-partisan, reliable, dependable, fearless and credible voice within our esteemed Parliament achievable only through election victory. To that end apathy, in our democracy, is as repugnant as seeing World War II food rations being wasted.

But then why would you be persuaded to change the habit of a lifetime especially for a colourful character like me who can only afford only a two-tone e-flyer like this?

The answer is that even in campaigning I am exemplifying public value and value-for-money. Preserving the Public Purse from being plundered has always been & will remain my prime purpose.

I have lived in Stantonbury since Dec 1979 & have contributed locally, regionally and nationally via following fora:

    • MHCIMA – Full Corporate Member Hotel Catering & Institutional Management    Association since May 1975. 
    • Chairman of School Governors at Woodend County First School, MK 1983-88
    • Parish Councillor – Linford 1984-88
    •  Local Govt Elections Wolverton Ward – selected as Local Election Candidate 1985
    • MK General Hospital Scanner Appeal fund Raiser with MK Docs
    • Milton Keynes Bowl – Assisted the Management Committee Virāt    Hindu Summéllan when over 80,000 Hindus from all over the World gathered for two days for the very first time in one place outside India’s Kumbh Mela.
    • Shishu Kunj 1991-92 – Charity for & run by the children to promote cultural, lingual and religious heritage of Gujarati speaking Hindus & Muslims in MK – Planned designed, prepared, delivered & served 500 free buffet meals at the first annual function.
    • Milton Keynes Council’s Neighbourhood Development Section in joint partnership with MK Midsummer Housing Association and Gharana Housing Association of Wellingborough invited as a consultee in the Project building Housing with Care provision for the BME elders of MK.
    • Cabinet Office selected Charter Mark Assessor Jan 2000.
    • Selected (the only frontline) member of Workforce Development IDeA Group
    • Expert Evaluator in Race, Equality & Housing Maintenance in IDeA (Improvement & Development Agency) Knowledge Experts Group Jan 2000.
    • Contributed to The Commission for the Multi-Ethnic Britain chaired by Professor The Lord Bhikhu Parekh – How multi-ethnic Britain can be at ease with its diversity?
    • Nominated by TRAs (Tenants & Residents Associations) for CIPFA’s Public Servant of the Year Award 2001.
    • Member of & primary contact for IDeA Knowledge e-Learning Pool 13 mar 2002
    • National IDeA e-Champions Network & e-Gov Network Member 26 Sept 2002
    • Nominated Older People’s Champion by Better Govt for Older People 31/07/03
    • CPPIH (Commission for Public Patient Involvement in Health) appointed as Member to MKPCT (MK Primary Care Trust affiliated) PPI Forum.
    • Elected Deputy Chair MKPCT PPI Forum 10 Feb 2004
    • Invited at CCPIH’s Launch as a panel member quizzing Minister of State for Health Rosie Winterton 11/02/04
    • Invited First Joint Conference between DoH, Older People Services, Age Concern, Help the Aged, ALG, London Regional Public Health, & BGOP etc. on Championing Change for Older People 13/02/04 & contributed to NSF for Older People.
    • Invited by ODPM (Office of Deputy Prime Minister) Local & Regional Govt. Research Unit to Regional Seminars on Equality & Diversity.
    • Home Office, at the Launch of Community Ambassadors Leadership Programme, (jointly with MKREC, MKC & Local Grants for Local Groups) conferred its first Honorary Community Ambassadors Leadership Award (first of its kind within the UK) at the Church of Christ the Cornerstone, Central MK.
    • IPPR Seminar – New Challenges for Race Equality & Community Cohesion in the 21st Century – Keynote Speaker Rt Hon David Blunkett MP, Home Secretary. Respondents – Lord Prof. Bhikhu Parekh & Trevor Phillips, Chair CRE 7 July 2004
    • Appointed Quality & Outcomes Framework (QOF) Reviewer by MKPCT to jointly inspect and evaluate General Practices within MK 26 Nov 2004.
    • Submitted Paper – My vision of delivering Sustainable Communities through Community Cohesion through Social inclusion, Equalities, Social Justice & addressing settled disadvantage within the ODPM’s Community Plan in Milton Keynes & surrounding areas – as a Joint Question to ODPM, Milton Keynes Partnership Committee, EP, Health & Social Care Partners of MKSM (Milton Keynes South Midlands) Health & Social Care Project, SEERA, SEEDA and the respective Central Government Colleagues 16/12/04
    • Contributed to Whole Systems Review of Adult Service in Milton Keynes – Adult Mental Health Services – Stakeholder Workshops – in forming, developing outcome-led vision, strategies and policies addressing gaps and inequalities 28/01/05
    • Commissioning Mental Health for Older People, King’s Fund Building, London. Experts’ Conference. Invited by the National Programme Manager (Older People) NIMHE (National Institute for Mental Health in England) to contribute further in developing the national vision and strategy. Persuaded her to introduce EIA (Equality Impact assessment) Tool Kit in the National Commissioning Vision, Strategy & procedures. Race Equality in commissioning mental health has now been cascaded nationally.
    • Persuaded by this the MKPCT have shown interest in my suggestion to use the EIA in formulating the vision, strategy and the services within the New Wolverton Health Centre.
    • Being involved as a Member of MK Primary Care PPI Forum with the MKPCT & MK Gen NHS Trust to jointly consider the future strategy for health in Milton Keynes (2003-2004) my view was is that the strategy Nationally ought to include all partners in a holistic aim to deliver economic prosperity; safe communities; high quality education (in my view with preventative public health & responsible citizenship approaches such as compulsory Science applied to Health, Nutrition, sports and Inter School Athletics); decent housing; better health to the poorest parts of the country. Full credit to Jamie Oliver for delivering my initiative right within No.10
    • See Second helpings of school dinners 24/04/05

This is just the précis of my contributions within the Voluntary Sector not to mention over 35 years of work experience (of which 28 years spent in Local Government) championing improving public services, championing equality & diversity agenda, championing Older People Services, championing disability issues etc.

If you feel my selfless public service record thus far is indicative of my ability to deliver in the future, please make you mark and make it count on the 05/05/05. I look forward to serving you as your next MP.

Thanking you for your time and patience in reading this election address.

Your public servant



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One response to “Public Governance

  1. What_Forever_Means

    I got your flyer through my door today and I must say your credentials are impressive. However, it seems far too forced. Your vocabulary is obviously good but this high class, formal lexis will alienate the electorate as it places you on a pedestal and they won’t relate to you. Secondly, if you look at the 3 main parties and their literature, it’s very brief. It states their policies and that maybe compares to other parties, but that’s all, people won’t sit down and take time over reading campaign literature, it MUST be eyecatching and I’m sorry to say that yours isn’t. Finally (I know I’m being critical but I promise I’m doing it to aid you!), as I said earlier, your credentials are good, but that’s almost all your flyer is, just a biography, it MUST have policies: what will you do for the people of ME Milton Keynes like me and my family?Hope this is helpful for future campaigns

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