Muslim leaders in Britain call for action concurring with my visionary paper of 5 Dec 2004

Britain’s top Muslims have branded the London suicide bombings "utterly criminal, totally reprehensible, and absolutely un-Islamic".
But Britain’s highest ranking Asian police officer, Tarique Ghaffur, says Muslims and their leaders must do more than just condemn the bombings.
Bomber Hasib Mir Hussain’s family said on Friday they were "devastated".

Earlier, the head of the Muslim Council of Britain said he wanted "concrete steps" to make sure such atrocities were never repeated.


Sir Iqbal Sacranie, founding secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, met Islamic and community leaders in Leeds, where three of the bombers were from.


The statement said everyone must confront the problems of Islamophobia, racism, unemployment, economic depravation and social exclusion.


Anant’s Note: This is what I have been preaching and exemplifying all along!

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