Female managers ‘squeezed out’

One quarter of female managers are not adequately involved in decision making, a survey has shown.

A poll of 6,000 male and female managers suggested women were still finding it difficult to break through the glass ceiling. A glass ceiling?


In my case, although being a male, it has been a steel-reinsforced, 12 inch suplhur resistant concrete ceiling for the past 28 years!. That too in a Labour controlled London Borough which has been a ‘path finder’ and a flag-ship (I know not what for), a three star CPA twice over, a multi-beacon authority, a multi- Charter Mark local authority  for this New Labour Govt.


Is this what the New Labour wants to hear after eight years of government and having won a third consecutive election ever? A dominant left-wing political party without a female lead ever? Do they really believe in equality and diversity or has it only been and still is – just spin?


Or have they changed their spots so much that they themselves fail to recognise that they have over-done the spin without delivering the realisable outcomes the public are looking for?


You ask yourselves and decide?




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Filed under Equality & Diversity within Community Cohesion

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