Tackling the roots of racism: lessons for success – IN SUPPORT OF MY VISIONARY PAPER 05/12/04


Dear Executive, Guidance & Advisory Colleagues

Further to previous disseminations on "EQUALITIES, SOCIAL INCLUSION, SOCIAL MOBILITY, COMMUNITY COHESION & SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES.", attached please find, in support of my paper titled "Joint Question to ODPM, Milton Keynes Partnership Committee and Health & Social Care Partners of MKSM Project and the respective Central Government Colleagues, – the latest JRF Findings on Tackling the roots of racism: lessons for success



This broad-ranging review looks at how successfully policy measures have tackled the causes of racism.


"Causes of racism

By causes of racism, the study means both the origins, or roots of racism, and the ways in which it is reproduced on an everyday basis.

For example, the causes of ‘racial’ differentiation and discrimination against certain groups in Britain cannot be understood without understanding the dynamics of the history of Empire and slavery and how these link to post-colonial migration."

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