‘Migration and social mobility: the life chances of Britain’s minority ethnic communities

Date: 14/11/05 14:31:17
Subject: ‘Migration and social mobility: the life chances of Britain’s minority ethnic communities’- IN SUPPORT OF MY VISIONARY PAPER 05/12/04

Dear Executive, Guidance & Advisory Colleagues

Further to previous disseminations on "EQUALITIES, SOCIAL INCLUSION, SOCIAL MOBILITY, COMMUNITY COHESION & SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES.", attached please find, in support of my paper titled "Joint Question to ODPM, Milton Keynes Partnership Committee and Health & Social Care Partners of MKSM Project and the respective Central Government Colleagues, – the latest JRF Findings on ‘Migration and social mobility: the life chances of Britain’s minority ethnic communities’

Quoting from my paper: Research in Ethnic Pluralism & Social Cohesion indicates that (i) Immigration has not undermined national integrity (ii) Some immigrant groups have progressed well, others not (iii) Labour market integration has been unwisely downplayed (iv) Discrimination persists & thus affects social trust (v) High risk, alienated, left behind groups are the priority (vi) Building common glue is vital but so is the need to avoid overly prescriptive, threatening answers. Promoting solidarity depends on underlying (in)equality in a three-way triangular relationship thus solidarity <-> equality <-> diversity. Thus building greater & more explicit cohesion across ethnic lines depends on (i) understanding recent history (ii) learning the lessons of how economic integration has worked abroad and (iii) systematically tackling settled disadvantage.


This JRF study examines the class position in 2001 of those growing up in the 1960s-1980s and finds that family background remains important but reveals differences between ethnic groups. 

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