The latest Government U-turn for the better – Grammars ‘should share expertise’


Dear Executive, Guidance & Advisory Colleagues
Further to previous disseminations on "EQUALITIES, SOCIAL INCLUSION, SOCIAL MOBILITY, COMMUNITY COHESION & SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES.", attached please find, in support of my paper titled "Joint Question to ODPM, Milton Keynes Partnership Committee and Health & Social Care Partners of MKSM Project and the respective Central Government Colleagues, – the latest Government U-turn for the better Grammars ‘should share expertise’

This is good enough for me, for the time being, as it is likely to be very persuasive for the comprehensive education areas like Milton Keynes where Grammars have been wanting since 1970s. My daughter have had to go to The Royal Latin, Buckingham and Sir Henry Floyd, Aylesbury. I am glad that the Govt has listened to my idea of parental choice and enhanced life chances for the children especially where there has been disadvantage.

Quoting from my paper: "Notwithstanding this stance, I have been and am an independent political thinker for a long time and seek an answer to this critical communities-focused issue as a Champion of Equalities, Diversity, Public & Community Value. Despite the Govt’s consistent claims of having delivered their last two electoral manifestos, Reform, the IPPR (institute of Public Policy & Research) findings & others such as JRF (Joseph Rowntree Foundation) Findings show that ironically Inequalities and poverty (including child poverty) under Labour have actually increased since they came to power and that the Educational Attainments are actually stalling. So much for the stakeholders society (where odds are staked against those very communities the Govt is claiming to help) and “Education, Education, Education …”

H   As Reform has consistently argued, following the near-abolition of selective education, the British schools system favours better-off parents who are able to move into the catchments areas of good state schools or to buy good private education.  As a result disproportionate numbers of children from better-off families attend university, increasing their earnings advantage. 

H       The key means to increase mobility, therefore, is not to increase spending on education, as the IPPR advocates, but to introduce reform, based on the introduction of choice and the removal of planning of school places, so that all parents enjoy the educational opportunity currently available only to the better off.

Although Milton Keynes, originally in 1967, was declared as solely Comprehensive Education Area; in the truest sense of Equality & Opportunity for all, it is time let the citizens of MK decide what types of schools would best suit their and their children’s’ needs. The next 30 years of development of MK cannot be left simply to Political whims and experimentation. It is, indeed, time as Tony Blair claimed – to deliver.

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