Murder ‘proves racism exists’

Since the Lawrence case there appears to have been no change save for the fact in this Walker case the perpetrators have been brought to book more effectively.
Stephen Lawrence

Comparisons between the murders of Stephen Lawrence (pictured) and Anthony Walker are inevitable
There’s a belief that things haven’t changed since what happened to Stephen Lawrence
George White, Liverpool 8 Law Centre
Crucial lessons on race and policing
Stephen was stabbed to death in Eltham, south-east London, in 1993.
The bungled Metropolitan Police investigation which followed Stephen’s death led to an inquiry exposing institutionalised racism in the force.
"With Stephen Lawrence the police assumed that he and his friend Duwayne Brooks [who was with Stephen at the time of the attack] must have been guilty of something," she said.
In the case of Anthony Walker, police said, literally within hours, that the attack was racially motivated
Professor Chris Mullard

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