Dear Deputy Prime Minister
Copied below is my appeal, on behalf of the wider community of Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas, which was formulated on the 23 November 2005, but due to sheer pressure of work I did not get an opportunity to finalise it and send it until today.
Yours sincerely

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From: Anant M Vyas []
Sent: 23 November 2005 21:06
To: AnantMVyas1

Title: Straight from the heart of Milton Keynes
Dear Deputy Prime Minister
I am sure you would have heard from both the MPs of MK Phyllis Starkey and Mark Lancaster about the unreasonable haste with which the MKP is requiring the citizens of MK to respond to the Options for Growth consultation.
This is my tuppence worth as an Independent Candidate in the last General Election for the MKNE Constituency. My platform was Equality, Diversity, Social Inclusion, Community Cohesion and Sustainable Communities. You are aware as Brian White, the New Labour Agents and Phyllis Starkey would have informed you.
Further to my visionary paper submitted to you, MKP (Milton Keynes Partnership) and all other stakeholders (on behalf of all citizens of MK) on the same platform dated 5 Dec 2004, I keep on e-mailing you on regular basis pointing to the various public findings, and researches that lend congruency to and support my vision. Some of these, I am glad to note, have been instrumental in eliciting Government changes and u-turns like in the very recent case of the Grammars.
To that end I have also written to you about the fact that your Communities Plan, although a very august vision, had missed the very critical element within it – that of community cohesion. Ted Cantle too has alerted you and the Government to that fact. Ted Cantle’s vision of establishing an Institute for Community Cohesion has been a common knowledge since his Community Cohesion Report on Bradford, Burnley and Oldham riots.


 Since then you have responded by initiating an Institute for Community Cohesion in the ODPM. This is very welcome provided it has credibility within the wider community.
Its credibility will only be earned if you were seen to be exemplary viz actively listen to the very serious concerns of the citizens, especially those of MK (Milton Keynes).
By pressuring your delivery vehicle English Partnership (and its Chairman Sir Bob Reid) and therefore MKP in delivering already begrudged public consultation in such obscene haste, you are at very serious risk of compromising social trust (which is borne of three way triangular relationship comprising Equality <-> Diversity <-> Solidarity) the crucial ingredient for Community Cohesion and therefore of Sustainable Communities.
Furthermore, Lord Rogers has said this on the very same day (as my draft e-mail) viz 23 November 2005:
Middle class flight and poor design damaging cities, warns Rogers

Architect’s taskforce criticises government homes policies

Peter Hetherington, Wednesday November 23, 2005 The Guardian 

Lord Rogers urged the creation of more mixed communities on recycled urban land to address continuing "massive inequalities".

The report also implies that further attempts to revive cities are being hampered because government funding is "skewed heavily towards new building and new communities".

It warns that growth is being concentrated on already over-congested areas, leading to accelerated destruction of existing communities.

This implied criticism of four big growth areas in the south, particularly around the new town of Milton Keynes north of London, strikes at the heart of John Prescott’s sustainable communities plan for England.

Alongside these areas, the plan led to the creation of nine housing market renewal zones in the north and the Midlands, where new agencies are balancing selective demolition with new building in an attempt to halt the decline of neighbourhoods. But the report warns that many plans are "clumsy, insensitive, rushed … and wasteful".

Lord Rogers also mentions the dangers of urban sprawl devoid of due regard to environmental aesthetics which have contributed to alienation, exclusion, isolation, depression, ASBand crime. Since the Government, in its third term, is still committed to takling causes of crime – this is one ideal, unmissable opportunity to demonstrate that commitment, discharge its obligations and flash your original pledges-card with pride. Whilst at it, perhaps you want to adopt my suggestion to include ‘evironmental aethetics’ as and additional ODPM ‘Decent Home’ standard.

 To that end, if you want your Communties Plan Flagship Milton Keynes to develop, thrive, prosper and be at ease with itself and its diversity – you had better pay heed to the citizens of Milton Keynes; I urge you to stop bulldozing the thus far sustained communities of Milton Keynes in deciding superfluously, devoid of, its legally entitled, full and frank consultation process, on this extremely important agenda.
Yours sincerely

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    I don’t think anyone cares, as I find, no one reads this you post.

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