Cameron aims for more women & ethnic minority candidates

David Cameron at the London Wetland Centre

New Tory leader David Cameron has his sights set on greater diversity for the party

About half of the names on the list are expected to be women, and there will also be ethnic minority candidates.

Candidates for Conservative-held and target seats at Westminster will be selected from the list, except in exceptional circumstances.

Deputy party chairman Bernard Jenkin said: "The election of David Cameron as Conservative leader has demonstrated that there is a huge desire for change at all levels in the party.

"Members want to make sure that we have the best possible candidates at the next election and that the party is representative of Britain today."


If this can be achieved by the Modern Compassionate Conservative Party – my role an an Independent Candidate (a social & political beacon or a catalyst) in the last General Election championing Equality, Diversity, solidarity, social inclusion, social trust, social mobility for all, community cohesion was not in vain for my responses to questions at various Hustings was actively being listened by the Conservative Candidate Mark Lancaster and his agents very intently and purposefully.


I give David Cameron the full credit for being a social and political entrepreneur in being the first to seize this timely opportunity (from what thus far was perceived as the natural party championing BME, Equality & Diversity issues) and in being the first main party political leader to start implementing positive changes eliciting ‘social trust’ from the wider British community.


Note: on the 05/05/05 General Election votes counting at the Bletchley Leisure Centre, I was approached by the New Labour Agents and troubleshooters representing both Brian White (then Labour MP) and Phyllis Starkey (then & current Labour MP) as to why I chose to stand [meaning against their Labour MP Brian white]?


I thought the person had the chutzpah to ask me that. However, I answered that I stood for Equality, Diversity, Solidarity, Social Inclusion, Social Mobility, Social & Community Cohesion, Social Trust and Sustainable Stable Communities. These were all inter-dependent. All any Government had to do was to remove inequalities.


He had the further chutzpah to retort curtly – don’t you think we [New Labour] have addressed those issues?


Clearly, they hadn’t….


The Moral:

An old Native American Indian wise man once said there were always two dogs inside of him fighting–a good dog and a bad dog. When asked, which one wins, he replied, The one I feed.


Clearly the New Labour had fed their ‘dog of ostentation & conceitedness’ after two successive wins and embarking on their historic third.


Conservatives have tasted the ‘grapes of public & political wrath’ and I sincerely hope that they have learnt very valuable lessons* from their ostentations & conceitedness after 4th Consecutive General Election win and will not repeat them.


* There is a saying about valuable lessons that ‘Experience is the best teacher; only the school fees are too heavy.’

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