System ‘failed starving children’ – what in Blunkett Territory?

Police found critically ill one-year-old twins, one "within hours of death", at their home in Sheffield.
It was "unacceptable" that professionals working in deprived areas should have a higher "threshold" before action was taken because of the general background of problems in the community.
Note: How many lessons would need to be learnt about the level of negligence within esssential services caused by this Government’s obsessive compulsive adherence to target chasing rather than asking for desirable outcomes? Why this especially after The Children Act 2004 and the Every Child Matters: Change for Children including Arrangements to safeguard and promote welfare following the harrowing Victoria Climbie Climbie report urges childcare reform


How many more such children must suffer not only at the hands of their negligent parents and relatives but also, and most unacceptably, at the hands of the very so-called ‘professionals’ upon whom the innocent, naive and unsuspecting lives of the children rest?

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  1. sillygloop

    Hi Anant,Hope the system evolves to meet the challenges head on and make a change for the better! Just came to wish you my season’s greetings for a merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year! May this new year see your dreams come true.Do I have special Christmas computer cartoons on my space? You bet! Come n check it out.Vijay

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