The stories that mattered to you in 2005

The Year 2005 was set by the Blair Govt as the deadline for implementing e-Government through out England & Wales. Has it happened? You be the judge. But read on.
Every morning BBC News website journalists get an e-mail telling them which were the most widely read stories of the previous day.

It serves as a reminder that it’s not always the articles we lead with that are the ones people are interested in – as our look back at readers’ most popular stories of 2005 suggests.


Jamie Oliver

Oliver demanded better school food


The reason why I have published Oliver’s (The Naked Chef’s) photo is mainly due to the fcat that I too am a chef of some repute (not for

nakedness) but for being the only one to whom both ‘sharp’ & ‘blunt’

apply at the same time and in the same breath and most particularly

because in 1980 as a Chairman of School Governors I championed,

amongst equality of access to good education for all including females, I championed introduction of compulsory subjects viz school PE (Physical Education), after school games, atheletics, inter-school competitions, nutrition, science applied to health, home economics including cooking skills, good citizenship etc. For that reason I really admire the initiative taken by Oliver in attracting the Govt’s attention to the august and necessary cause – to save the nation from self-inflicted obesity and associated health problems which this Country is storing up which will affect its economy and performance and global satnding in the future. 


Public Health (both physical & mental) is another big issue I have been involved in as a previous Deputy Chair of Milton Keynes PPI (Public & Patients Involvement in Health) Forum from where I have continued to influence the Govt towards the same agenda. I am glad that the Govt has listened and made reasonable changes befiting the august cause.




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