India and US hold nuclear talks


Friday, 23 December 2005, 06:21 GMT
India’s Foreign Secretary, Shyam Saran                                                                      Bhabha atomic plant outside Mumbai, India
                                                       India says it wants nuclear power to meet its  needs
has met US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on a visit to Washington dominated by nuclear talks. Mr Saran said he was "very encouraged" by discussions on implementing an agreement to give India access to US civilian nuclear technology.
Historic breakthrough for India-US relations – Tuesday, 19 July 2005, 08:11 GMT 09:11 UK
Manmohan Singh with George W Bush

Dr Singh (left) and President Bush
India and the United States have made a historic breakthrough in their relations, striking a deal on civilian nuclear co-operation.

The deal recognises India as a responsible nuclear power entitled to benefits and gains denied for three decades.

The announcement amounts to a huge policy change by the Bush administration which is likely to signal to other nuclear powers that India’s situation and position is unique.





Comment: India’s position, indeed, is and has always been unique because it has been and has remained non-aligned since its Independence in 1947, has not signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, has now emerged as a major global economy, political, military and now nuclear force – a force to be reckoned with besides being the largest and the most diverse democracy in the World.

What choice does US or UK have but to extend their hands in friendship lest the Asia and the South Pacific economies merge to annihilate the West out of existence?


"Under the agreement, India would place nuclear facilities associated with its civilian energy programme under international inspection."


This is an Indian way of giving a two fingered salute to the self-nominated guardians of the mother Earth & inspectorate of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ seeing them off after cursorily glancing only at the Indian front garden for India is not into currying favours. She leads; others follow.


In 1965 when I was in Colaba, Mumbai, I watched in awe the Bhabha Nuclear Plant which could be seen from the Elephanta Caves. I was aware the Dr Homi Bhabha had claimed he was able to manufacture a nuclear deterrent in 18 months at fraction of the cost that the West attribute to such an achievement. Soon after that annoncement he was ‘bumped off’ in a freak air craft crash I, even to this day, feel in by guts and suspect was engineered by the US.


Dr Homi K Bhabha’s quest for nuclear bomb:

The reason I suspect so is because the US had just survived the Cuban Missile Crisis (Bay of Pigs) with Khrushchev of  Russia (25 Oct 1962) after  Gary Powers U2 pilot was shot down alive (14/10/1962) by Russians spying on them from the height the Americans assumed the Russians would not be able to detect let alone shoot down and that too alive.

Following that Kennedy was shot dead on 22 Nov 1963 in Dallas. (Khallas). Kennedy, by no stretch of anyone’s imagination, was an exemplar public servant. Thus I chose not to denigrate the term assassination by using it in the same sentence with JFK.


America in 1964/5 was raw and sensitive not to permit a non-aligned World’s largest democratic and military power such as India (having scarificed two million Shaheeds in WWII for the victory and that too of the West) to become nuclear and that too that fast and that economically as Dr Bhabha had promised. Such a combination was too formidable for the West to sustain as a Global competitor.


In fact had it not been for the nincompoopery and negligence of Hitler,  Germany may never have lost the WWII and the German scientists and nuclear physicists would not have emmigated to the US, the US would never have been a Global power-broker. It was Hitler’s incompetence that made America what it is today – it certainly wasn’t America’s competence in the Global market.


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