Iranians tackle rise in obesity caused by American fa(s)t food

For all the anti-American rhetoric uttered by Iran’s regime, many Iranians have embraced at least one aspect of American culture – fast food.

More and more, Iranians are digging into cheeseburgers, chips and pizza in a country that is traditionally known for its kebabs, rice and savoury home-cooked dishes


We think this is the problem of a Western lifestyle that is affecting many developing countries
Dr Nizal Sarrafzadegan


India had better take heed and rid herself of all MacDonalds, KFCs and similar outlets. India traditionally already has bewildering variety of foods which is envy of the World and yet they want to eat such unhealthy food from such crap ‘vilayati’ caterers. Otherwise she is going to store up serious health problems for the future generations. Of that there is no doubt.

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One response to “Iranians tackle rise in obesity caused by American fa(s)t food

  1. sillygloop

    Hey Anant,I don’t think we’ll ever have that threat thanks to the amazing array of choices of restaurants and foods one can tuck into. No one likes to just have junk food all the time and that saves us.Take care!Vijay

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