Taking the P*** of a Global kind – the chutzpah

Tony Blair speaking during the film
Mr Blair says that being PM is "an enormous privilege"

Tony Blair has spoken out about the stress of being prime minister in a "day in the life" documentary.

Put together by the prime minister’s aides and aired on his website, the video claims to provide the public with "a rare glimpse" into Mr Blair’s life.







Comment: Using the derogatory term Mick (in place of P***) would be insulting the Irish. Hence the word that best captures the audacious behaviour of Tony Blair is as used in the Title of this article. It is not meant to offend but to defend British public accountability.

PM also stands Post Mortem which is what I think this PM is doing here of his career (not leadership) in this documentary which was made accessible, wait for it, on The White House website?

When he says that being PM is "an enormous privilege" – which is what he said when he was elected in May 1997 – although he was humbled then out of sheer landslide majority he had (not because he was charismatic but probably because the Tories were perceived to be sleazy) – this time round the same phrase is abused prabably as his parting shot (to enable him to step out of PM’s ‘privileged postion’ with some grace intact) for he knows that in-between (1997 – 2005) he had behaved as if being PM was no longer a privilege but his birth-right. However, the readers, after having listened to his video, must never forget the biased (not vyased) scrutiny he & his Government were put under and yet .. he was able to sacrifice a brilliant scientist’s life, those of many BBC staff besides its Global good name, and most importantly the Global reverence for the British judiciousness.


Such is and was the extent to which this PM felt humbled and privileged, not to serve, but ‘spin’ this Country, from Margaret Thatcher’s re-emerged  GB, to Global notoriety & labelling as GBH – Gross British Hooligans both at international & political football level. The Government’s behaviour and chutzpah in dishonesty during the Hutton Inquiry was nothing short of hooliganism of the highest level. I know. I was there.


Yes, he was given the privilege by the British public to take the p**s out of the public accountability, public scrutiny, public governance, public duty, public life, public standards, political system and parliamentary democracy.


It is time that the British public rescinded that privilege.



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