BBC claims South Asia human rights ‘worsen’

Comment: India alone has over a billion population whilst UK has a meagre 55 million and yet there are more
  • crimes against people, of different race, religion, sexual orientation, status, age especially elderly vulnerable people and children in care or even in religious institutions.
  • gun attacks and fatalities.
  • stabbings and fatalities
  • domestic violence with fatalities against both sexes by either sex
  • both female & male rapes by the public but more notably by the Army and the Navy and especially the clergy
  • child abuse by way of unreported incest, reported incest, child abuse perpetrated by incompetencies in the Government & Local Government systems and mechanisms despite numerous legislations to dampen public fears
  • elder abuse at home and in hospitals and institutions of alleged trust
  • persistent predatory paedophilia especially encouraged by this Government’s gross incompetence at implementing their own laws
  • crimes against the state as seen on 7 July & 21 July 2005 terrorism attacks
  • police perpetrated crimes such as the killing of the alleged suicide bomber Jean Charles de Menezes
  • Government perpetrated crimes such as the illegal, immoral and unethical war in Iraq, threats to Iran, Korea etc.
  • Deterioration of the decent fabric of society through innumerable legislations bepuzzling not only the unsuspecting public but also the Booth & Blair led legal Lotharios waiting to make a fast score at the expense of the public purse or the public.

These are but only a taster of the western civilisation which has the chutzpah to denigrate the South Asians or other countries save for the USA & Britain – this time I hate to call it Great as the degeneration of moral and social fabric is so endemic and so pervasive that it has already affected other migrant communities which never subscribed to such depraved behaviours.


Given such depravity within the USA & UK – how dare the BBC point a finger at South Asian culture in this way?


The Human Rights Watch better watch the most notable and notorious violators – the USA & its willing partner in Crime the UK.


Those who live in glass houses …

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One response to “BBC claims South Asia human rights ‘worsen’

  1. sillygloop

    Hi Anant,That’s a telling comment yes. I can forgive India for many things as long as education and social security is out of reach of the majority and where we are still working to be an inclusive society but I cannot understand why countries where citizens enjoy access to education and social security fail to protect the civil liberties and justice that form the foundation of a strong democracy.Lots to ponder there I guess. Have a great weekend!Vijay

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