Comment: Research done amongst the representative sample of secondary pupils reveal that:
  • students themselves prefer to be segregated into classes by ability because
    • the achievement orientated brighter pupils hate to be bored or slowed down due the catching up time allowed for those who take time to understand and assimilate
    • the achievement orientated brighter pupils hate to be constantly disturbed and see the teaching disrupted by disruptive pupils
    • inordinate amount of teacher’s time is wasted merely in dealing with, not effectively controlling, anti-social elements
    • the achievement orientated brighter pupils prefer to be given more challenging problems and tasks to test their mental abilities, problem solving & innovative skills to the limits.

I think that it is only by segregation into classes based on ability (whilst providing mixed ability mingling of minds through other fora such as debating societies, mentoring schemes in school time, in extended school hours and even out of school interactions including extra tutorials to those who need them) coupled with effective management of school classes and regimes dismantling all barriers to progress and development of those who can and will ‘fly’ and innovate – that this Country’s future Global economic position, respect, trust, credibility, contribution (to national domestic & Global community product) and survival depends.


This is called valuing diversity in educational entry. Treating everyone equally per se in this sense would be counter-productive in the national and Global interest as argued here.


The idea is to treat everyone equally pursuant to their diversity viz ability to learn in accordance with their learning ability and learning style. In terms of EIA (Equality Impact Assessment) three crucial elements must be present viz equality of information, access and treatment.


The concept of equality of treatment needs explaining. In a multi-ethnic school in Britain where say a set school meal is provided comprising one meat and two veg – standard menu – with a sweet dish and imagine the meat comprises of pork in today’s menu. Although the school is treating everyone equally by providing the same meal of same portions to all – it is excluding Muslims, Jews and vegetarians whose dietary need remains unmet.


Hence, treating everyone equally pursuant to their diversity – and in this case their ‘learning diversity’ is very persuasive since it enables the education system to meet the individual needs effectively without adversely impacting upon others. 

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