Reported fraud @ ’10-year high’

Total fraud cases: 222
Total value: £942m
Worst hit region: London/South East (£674m)
Worst hit sectors: Government (£448m), financial sector (£360m)
Main perpetrators: Managers (£421m), professional criminals (£421m)
Comment: The real barometer is the declining moral and ethical values and fabric of decent society. These are high class goondas. Social exclusion and disdavantage has nothing to do with it. The so-called high society or respected peoples’ social, ethical and moral barometer has definitely shifted towards criminality where being sentenced is no longer a social taboo it once was being caught with your hands in the till albeit a very financially resilient and almost infinite trove at that.


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3 responses to “Reported fraud @ ’10-year high’

  1. sillygloop

    Scam…Hire a top lawyer…Press statements…Jail for a day…Write a book…Sell your memoirs. Any wonder honesty has so few takers!

  2. Anant M

    Hello Vijay
    It is very good to hear from you. I apologise for not being able to respond to you past few postings but rest assured I have not stopped thinking about you.
    On fraud, I just wanted to show the rest of the World that when it comes down to human greed (not need) Britain (however Great it might have been) is just the same; a bit more sophisticated in its modus operandii I assume?
    Keep on stiving for honesty
    PS: your new site prevents me from publishing my comment without a valid e-mail!

  3. Anant M

    Hello Vijay
    This is especially for you and young Indians like you. I saw Amir Khan’s ‘Rang De Basanti’ yesterday and the character Karan reminded me of you until that is he woke up and acted.
    I wrote in your blog some time ago in relation to your comment on corrupt & criminal elements Indian politics about people like ought to be enthused to take charge and change the Indian politics for good and how slowly but surely the change will sweep through the entire mother-land. Pasted below are the past comments to refresh your and your readers’ memories on the very important issue.
    Quite fortuitously this film too gives the same message. Hope you see it and comment. But for the ‘present’ here’s an inspiration:
    Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery. Today is a gift from God, that’s why it is called the present.

    Hello Vijay:
    Yes; indeed the culture of greed engulfs and excludes those in need. This is a human weakness and sheer selfishness irrespective of how much better one earns as compared to teeming billions who have to make ends meet on meagre incomes after paying taxes. That is why I call them public parasitic Labour MPs or Ministers who plunder the public purse with puerile perversity like piranhas. But then, my view is Vyased. Political, economical, social, emotional, physical, environmental parasites can take hold within any race, Country, political party or environment. What is consistent is that such greed is directly proportional to the income and it is endemic & pervasive. Kind thoughts & best wishes. Anant


    Published By Anant008 ( – 13 January 23:47

    Hello Vijay:
    Very well put indeed. You do ‘speak from the wisdom of the ages’ and, I hasten to add, ‘Sages’. Your holding a mirror at the Indian democracy – "The criminalization of politics has been a non-issue here in India and that concerns me a lot – how can you have criminals running your country and making the laws of the land?" – is profoundly penetrative in terms of your Desh-Prem, Desh-Bhakti & Desh-Gaurav. Furthermore, your explanation of my earlier question – "In the light of that price, the ghettoisation of society and plummeting moral values demean that sacrifice and hence arises the need to redeem in full a debt to be paid to the people whose selfless sacrifice has enabled us to see this day today." – demonstrates impressive emotional intelligence with social, cultural & political knowledge, awareness & maturity far beyond your actual age. Credit must go your parents, mentors, role models, tutors & of course yourself for continuing the life-long learning beyond the formal education. The subject of partition is indeed vast and very emotive both sides. In addition to my comments – your evaluation too, is credible. I hope that many will take heart from your example & be persuaded to follow in changing the ‘self-indulgent, selfish’ behaviours to increase public governance and participation in young people, which in turn will help change the democratic governance, & public accountability for the better – slowly but surely. To that imminent goal – I say Jai Hind.


    Published By Anant008 ( – 07 January

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