David Miliband, Minister for communities

Mr Miliband says the elections idea is "pure speculation" – A CONTRABAND?

BBC News 24’s chief political correspondent, James Landale, said officials from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) discussed the possibility of cancelling the May 2007 elections in meetings with council chiefs in the last few weeks.


Mr Pickles told BBC News 24 he knew Mr Miliband had personally told one council chief executive he would like to cancel the elections.

In the minutes of one meeting, seen by BBC News, ODPM officials said it was "highly unlikely" the elections would go ahead, not least because "it would not be very efficient to hold elections for a one-year term".


COMMENT: No prizes for the guessing which favoured Labour Local Government Chief Executive’s sensitive ear would have been graced by the Miliband Mafia


If Democratic elections were suspended to save the grace or dis-grace, as is appropriate in this case, of the imminently politically and democratically deposed leader say in Iraq, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan etc let alone a once a landslide victorious Prime Minister of UK – there would invariably have been a media-led brouhaha denouncing the ‘third world dictatorial regimes’.


But since we are deemed to be ‘First World Democratic Exemplars’ marauding other civilisations at will enforcing our way of governance – it is quite acceptable for our electors to gracefully look the other side whilst we defrock one B only to replace him with another in the conniving hope that the gullible audiences would go away clapping for an encore as if, somehow, it all were a ‘midsummer night’s dream’.

"Jaagte Rahho" "Be Awake"


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  1. sillygloop

    Democracy for all is definitely a great slogan to bandy about – but if informed choice cannot be made…how do you expect good governance? What safeguards do we have…sometimes I feel the IAS does  a good job of stalling a la "Yes Prime Minister" and it is the true democratic government as it is also drawn from all walks of life.

  2. Anant M

    Hello Vijay
    Sorry but you have lost me. What is IAS?
    Please put it in a different way so that I can follow?
    Many thanks

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