Kelly heckled at party conference

Ms Kelly said it was right for the continued use of the 11-plus in grammar schools to "raise passions", but she insisted she had no plans to alter what was "settled party policy" on the issue.

"We cannot get into a debate now that would distract us from everything else we are trying to do to raise standards," she told the meeting.


Comment: As I stressed before on this debate, Grammars must remain to improve standards amongst the Labour contrived comprehensive schools. This has not happened despite the Government’s Mantra "Education; Education; Education" and more than 8 undisturbed years in government.


Parents chose to allow their children to sit the selection for grammars because they want the best (within their means) for their children. This simply means not having to fork out a fortune in fees in private schools which like posh cars have become a status symbol amongst the aspiring upwardly mobile British Asians.


So in the very name of equality, that the Old Labour still hanker about, the Grammars provide a cost effective social mobility for those termed disadvantaged, per Old Labour’s assessment, and that is something the New Labour ought to have implemented 8 years ago. But they didn’t.


Now the Old Labour backbenchers want to drag the whole innovative and aspiring young generation down to the level of non-achievers in the name of equality. Where would this lead in terms of national and Global economic competitiveness given that India and China are on our door step nudging us to buck up?


Surely, the dissenters’ concept of equality ought to be re-visited and re- assessed? At the same time they ought to ensure that the quality of education in comprehensive system is is such that the need for Grammars is iradicated.  The Labour, New & Old have miserably failed to deliver this improvement despite all the mantra rhetoric.

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