National Health Service denigrates and ‘neglects elderly’


Age discrimination

One of the worst areas, the report found, was mental health care, where older people found services deteriorating as they passed the age of 65.

The vast majority of older people surveyed said they had not been asked their views on the NHS or council services in the last year, and 80% did not think they had influenced the planning of services.

The report did find that steps had been taken to address age discrimination in public services and more people were being supported to allow them to live at home.

Gordon Lishman, director-general of Age Concern England, said it was "shocking" that so many social services departments were still failing to meet the needs of older people – the main users of these services.

He said: "Sadly, too many older people in need of public services are currently treated as second-class citizens."

And Professor Ian Philp, national director for older people’s health, added measures had also been taken to tackle discrimination, but there was more work to do to reverse the lack of respect shown to the elderly.

Comment: I have been actively involved with Prof Ian Philp in contributing towards the NSF (National Service Framework) for Older People and yet…(under this Labour Govt) it has to come to this. It really beggars belief.

It is revealing of a society that, rather than revere and value their elders, treats them as social parasites.


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8 responses to “National Health Service denigrates and ‘neglects elderly’

  1. sweeti's

    Hi Anant
    I work in a nursing home and we have also eler ppl.
    This topic is every days talk here @ work
    To make the leder as comfortable as possible
     The Netherlands were years an years the best in this social issue.
    But its costing a lot of tax money U understand more than me.
    We give elder ppl now the services they need.
    Warm meals….care..nursing..Cleaning everything
    Just what they need .So its not a general thing\
    Like it used to be…
    Now its ….We Give U…..What u need….
    Its bussiness now…We have competiotin from home care……We have to deliver good quality…
    Good care   U understand what im trying to say.
    I know Anant  my englich is not my first language but i try to make u understand lol
    U can see pics on  my entry   from my speech sunday for collecting moeny for Sri Lanka.
    Mass is temperarily in our restaurant Coz of construction things   ..
    He  Anant Succes with this social prob…TC
    If U need to ask .Im here for u
    Much love

  2. Anant M

    Hello Marij (Butterfly)
    I expected you to respond to my entry on Older People neglect from the heart and you did.
    We have a saying: "A friend in need is a friend indeed."
    I wish my knowledge of your language was as good as your knowledge of English. You are doing just fine. I can fully understand you. There is no need to apologise or denigrate yourself.
    I saw your work on Sri Lanka. It is very august and worthy. But to me – charity must begin from home i.e. from the Country of your origin.
    We in England have Older People poverty and child poverty (to name the few) to tackle. There is where my heart is.
    I am very encouraged by your support and I want you to know that I am here for you too – unconditionally.

  3. sweeti's

    Aanant Good morning
    I know  U thought i would answer u.Of course Ur a man of my heart. Ur ideas and works  are exactly things that interest me so much
    Daile im confronted with these matters…U know I tell u something
    When we come from lunch  there is a friend in a wheelchair Can hardly use his hands…His waiting @ the reception every day  than i will light his cigarette   Coz he cant smoke on his section  (U know) And his enjoying this lil cigarette  Can U imagine U cant use ur hands and ur in wheelchair
    I know U cant  I cant eather  But i can imagine  U NEED PPL
    just to light ur cigarette  The man was a truckdriver   Crossed all europ   is still young….Had brain damage  and now..
    THIS????  Is this fair   >>>>>NO Do we accept this  NO>
    He Thx for ur sweet words   I do appreciate it
    Its just the lil things  U know…It means so much for ppl who
    cant do BASIC things themselves..
    Hope to hear from u soon
    Ur great 
    Much love

  4. Anant M

    Hello Marij (Butterfly)
    I am deeply touched by your compliments encouraging the heart. I find word totally inadequate to express my gratitude to you.
    We have an expression for a condition in Britain – it called being gobsmacked.
    I am merely doing what comes naturally to me. And I do it will all my heart or not at all. I have been brought up to revere, respect and protect older people within the extended family units where practically and economically possible.
    I had no idea that my words has such a profound effect upon you and your friend. Please give him an unconditional hug from me and do let me know his name.
    To help you and your other friends (whom I consider fellow travelling souls) I recall a beautiful poem called My Motto which I have subconsciously adopted it since teenage years. It is the right time to share it with you and your vulnerable friends.

    If I can stop one heart from breaking,I shall not live in vain:If I can ease one life the aching,Or cool one pain,Or help one fainting robinUnto his nest again,I shall not live in vain.  — Emily Dickinson
    One never knows that amongst those innumerable travelling souls – which one might be the God himself or herself? Even if that may not be the case – what is wrong in adopting the above motto as ones own?
    Just keep on doing your duty to the best of your ability. At the end of the day my desk may not be clear – but my conscience always is.
    Love to all

  5. sweeti's

    Good evening Anant
    Thx for ur sweet comments
    Ma friends name is Frans…real dutch name lol.We have a lot of patients here,,,,  well we call them clients  CEO wants us to name them like that.But like everywhere there are also special persons who
    have our attention….. Some need special attention
    just a lil touch on the cheek or a shoulder to cry on.
    Or just tell their life story….Just to listen to them
    Respect   Yes   Big word nowadays   Young ppl
    dont know the word…..any more…Not all  the kids
    there are still kids with good manners.of course..My parents are dead But i still act like they are with me..I feel them ….
    They used to say…dont start things when ur not 100% behind the issue….U know what i mean
    Just like u say….
    when u do something  U do it good…..Like ur ideas…
    He im just an ordinary  woman  …. im just me.
    Much love

  6. Anant M

    Good evening Marij
    You are an ordinary woman with an extraordinary heart. That is a gift really essential in the work you do. Empathy for those disadvantaged with the ability to overcome service barriers and an ability to go beyond expectations is a gift that those whom you serve will wholeheartedly bless time and time again..
    Collection of such heartfelt blessing by those disadvantaged is the only true accreditation one ought to expect to share with one’s maker. Nothing else matters!
    I am sure you’ll agree.

  7. Vijay

    Other than India and a few other countries which have a large youth population, the senior citizens make up a large part of the population and it definitely has to be handled with appropriate changes in policies and approaches to make things work for everyone.

  8. Anant M

    Yes indeed Vijay – you silent observer!
    But "handled with appropriate changes in policies and approaches to make things work for everyone" – may well not help the current and imminent retiring population which is between 50 & 60. Simply tweaking with the system for short term solution for Political gain may be disastrous for all.
    Hence Britain has decided to scrap the 85 rule which is a sum of one’s service & age. If you hit 85 – you can retire forthwith on full pension calculated on you last salary. The Govt  wants to increase the retirement age from 60 to 65. That is why there was a massive strike on Tuesday the 28 Mar 2006. What good it might do is unknown. Economic realities are stark, forbidding, imminent and inevitable.
    On the other had the highly respected & successful government such as Singapore, having the same demographic time bomb, are addressing disadvantage by providing affordable residence and work opportunities to both partners in each family by looking after the children and side-by-side encouraging parents to have more children (as the birth rate is falling) by offering tens of thousands of SG$s per child. There is, I believe, full employment and they are having to import workers from outside to fill gaps in the job markets. 

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