Basic social care for older people ‘must be free’

Elderly man

Many people have to use their savings and sell their homes to fund care
Q&A: What is Social care?
Just who will pay for social care?
Comment: In May 1997 Tony Blair and his government were elected on their pledge to ‘look after the elderly’ who having contributed through out their lives need not ‘save and scrimp’ in the final years to pay for the ‘social care’ which ought to be accorded to them free as matter of their expected right.
Some words are mine but you get the gist – don’t you. 9 years on where is that pledge?
Health of a Nation is the Wealth of the Nation. Prevention is lot cheaper than the cure. I have already suggested an economical, socially inclusive and acceptable, morally sound and ‘quite affordable by any Government’ as it delivers economy, efficiency and effectiveness in addressing issues NOW in order to reduce our costs to the future generations.
Are you listening Mr Blair?

Social care funds face shortfall
Elderly woman

An ageing population is increasing demand


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