Agent Shot dead in Ireland


Sinn Fein British agent shot dead

Denis Donaldson
Denis Donaldson was expelled from Sinn Fein in December


Former senior Sinn Fein member Denis Donaldson has been found shot dead in the Irish Republic.

Comment: Further to my previous articles defining terrorists and terrorism within Britain and the World – I’ll let the reader make up his/ her own mind about this news.


The question is – was he ‘done away with’ with an allegedly decommissioned (but retained just-in-case) weapon or a new weapon bought after the uninspected decommissioning took place. Why were the destruction of these weapons of mass destruction not properly supervised is a question many of you must ask and ponder about?


The question also ought to be asked as to WHY this site forbids me to publish a title ‘British Agent Shot Dead in Ireland’? What is so objectionable about it????


Note: It took me twenty tries in various ways to get around this nincompoopery. I hope you now know what it really means besides Bush’s intellectual ability?


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2 responses to “Agent Shot dead in Ireland

  1. Vijay

    I’m not sure why that would happen. See if they have a policy against such titles…you may use the form here 
    to ask the question to MSN Spaces Support.
    As for bets…I normally read everything I missed when I come down here and have to play catch up with your rapid blogging too 🙂

  2. Anant M

    Thanks for the tip and a little tickle Vijay
    I am a one-finger bandit. How can I be blogging that rapidly for an IT expert like you? 🙂

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