David Cameron

Mr Cameron has said the Tory candidate is in the wrong party
I believe that candidates should be able to stand everywhere regardless of the ethnic make-up of the constituency
Joan Howarth


Which is the true picture of the Tories?


I now publish my e-mails to the new leader before and after his ‘honeymoon’ as a challenge to all the British mainstream Political Parties – judge for yourself.


Date: 08/04/06 09:14:58
Quite predictably and fortuitously the time has come to revisit this dialogue.
You intend to say today "Well I say Britain can’t wait while we take it easy. This change in our party has to get faster, it must go wider and deeper."
You intend to further stress, "We can’t afford to waste time going slow on changing our party so now is not the time to put our foot on the brake. Now is the time to press on the accelerator."
In my earlier e-mail of the 11 Dec 2005 (copied below) I did identify the ‘Huge mountain’ that you now accept  you and your entire party has to climb.
Once again, I am very glad for the future generations of this multi-ethnic country of ours, quite fortuitously on the 25th anniversary of Brixton Riots, that some of my ideas on equality and diversity are gaining ground in main-stream British Politics.
I am observing with interest.
Yours sincerely
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——-Original Message——-
Date: 21/12/05 19:13:56
Thank you for your response but I find it rather cold and devoid of the culture and etiquette I’d expect from the Modern Compassionate Conservatism.
The question is not so much about me wanting hear more about the MCCP; but whether the MCCP is ready for, is able to, and wants to embrace the diversity that I present and represent?
Frankly, I think and feel you’ve missed the whole point and, should you continue like this, may be in danger of missing the boat.
Meanwhile, make hay whilst the media sunshine lasts.
Merry Christmas and a Rewarding New Year to you all.
Yours sincerely
——-Original Message——-
Date: 12/21/05 13:53:16
Thank you for your email to my colleague, I am replying in her absence.
Thanks for the further email, we appreciate what you say and certainly take it on board. Thanks for pointing out the link as well, very interesting.
If you do want to hear more from the Party, please follow this link from our website and you can sign up to receive bulletins and regular emails from the Party;
Thanks again for your email.
Yours sincerely,
David Beal
Office of the Leader of the Opposition.
—–Original Message—–
From: Anant M Vyas []
Sent: 11 December 2005 15:03
To: CAMERON, David
Cc: AnantMVyas1

 Dear David & Dear Kate
Thank you both for your prompt and ‘proper’ response. I am very encouraged by your stance on giving credit where credit is due (which is what I have done in writing you) and by today’s news on the Modern Compassionate Conservatism embracing diversity along the lines which I have championed since, my arrival in Britain, 5 Dec 1970.
The BBC News states: "About half of the names on the list are expected to be women, and there will also be ethnic minority candidates.

Candidates for Conservative-held and target seats at Westminster will be selected from the list, except in exceptional circumstances.


Deputy party chairman Bernard Jenkin said: "The election of David Cameron as Conservative leader has demonstrated that there is a huge desire for change at all levels in the party.


"Members want to make sure that we have the best possible candidates at the next election and that the party is representative of Britain today."


It appears that my stance during the various Hustings in April this year with Mark Lancaster MP, MKNE may have been instrumental in bringing about this very refreshing, welcome and timely change with the Party that I ‘naturally’ supported, later with Lord Denham (then Govt Chief Whip), since May 1979 all thought the Thatcher years. It also appears that the only person who was actively listening in those Hustings was a prospective Conservative Candidate. It is ironic that the very Party (Labour) that purportedly ‘naturally’ landed itself to the BME, Equality & Diversity issues has lost its steer and has been instrumental in increasing inequalities in every sphere during its period. This must be brought to a a definite and equally crushing end. There must be a ‘clear blue sea’ between the New Labour and the Modern Compassionate Conservatism along the lines of an inter-dependent triangular relationship EQUALITY<-> DIVERSITY <-> SOLIDARITY. If you are able to do that, you would have stolen their ‘birth right’ and would push them to the far left or alienate their left from their party. it would be likened to ‘ taking the rekindled soul of Britain back to New Castle and beyond’.


If you sincerely mean what you say, are able to deliver the necessary change across the board and obtain the ‘corporate health MoT’ as near in-line with the composition of the modern multi-ethnic Britain for the Modern Compassionate Conservative Party, elicit and sustain the social trust of the wider British communities, create a climate where the modern multi-ethnic Britain can begin to feel at ease within itself and with each other, create the political, social, economic and environmental climate for social & community cohesion, eradicate sleaze, make exemplary political behaviour synonymous with the Modern Compassionate Conservative Party and build up sustainable personal and political credibility – regionally, nationally and inter-nationally – I want to hear more from you.


This is by no means a tall order. It is achievable and deliverable. To know much more about me please visit My Space (which is synonymous with Vyas in Sanskrit)


Kind thoughts with more grease to your elbow
PS: I have received your national communiqué from the Central Office by post.
——-Original Message——-
Date: 09/12/05 14:08:30

Thank you so much for writing to David Cameron – he’s asked me to thank you and to say that he appreciated what you had to say enormously.


He’s also asked me to say that he is delighted and honoured to have been elected Leader of the Conservative Party.  David Cameron wants the Party to be a voice for change, optimism and hope in our country. To be that voice, he believes that we ourselves need to change, and the hard work starts straight away.


We have to reach out to young people, addressing their concerns about the difficulty of getting on the property ladder, climate change and crime in our town centres.  We have to reach out to women, offering effective policies on childcare and pensions and getting more women into Parliament.  We have to reach out to black and minority ethnic communities, recognising the contribution immigrants have made to our prosperity and culture, and showing how we will help build social cohesion.  And we have to reach out to our cities with new ideas for urban regeneration, raising standards in inner city schools and tackling the scourge of drugs.


Two core values are at the heart of David Cameron’s kind of Conservatism. First, he believes that if you trust people and give them more power and responsibility, they and society will grow stronger. Second is his passionate belief that we’re all in this together; that we have a shared responsibility for our shared future, and that all of us – individuals and families, government, business, and the voluntary sector have a vital part to play in making our country a better place to live.


Under his leadership, the Conservative Party will offer constructive opposition to the Government. People are fed up with Punch and Judy politics, and he’s not going to play that game. At the next election, he wants us to be an attractive and credible alternative government, and he’s greatly looking forward to the exciting work of meeting the big challenges our country faces.


Many thanks again for writing; I have passed on your details to him.


Yours sincerely, 

Kate Marley
Office of David Cameron MP
Leader of the Opposition
—–Original Message—–
From: Anant M Vyas []
Sent: 06 December 2005 20:50
To: CAMERON, David
Cc: AnantMVyas1

Dear David
Most sincere and heartfelt congratulations on your historic and unique achievement.
It is even more significant since it comes from an Independent Candidate of MKNE (with Mark Lancaster as the Conservative Candidate).
My platform was Equality, Diversity, Solidarity, Social Inclusion, Social Mobility, Social Capital, Social Trust, Community Cohesion along Ethnic lines, & Sustainable Communities at ease with themselves and each other within the Multi-Ethnic Britain.
If I can be of any help, please let me know.
Kind thoughts and best wishes







  1. sillygloop

    I was reminded of a Jeffrey Archer tale, First Among Equals,
    on reading this 🙂

  2. Anant M

    Sorry; you have lost me there. Please explain as I have not read First Among Equals.
    Jeffrey was a darling of the Con Party until he fell from Grace big time. So did quite a few others. That is the hypocrisy in our Country including all mainstream Political parties.

  3. sillygloop

    It is a novel that tracks the tale of 4 politicians as they fight onwards to become a Prime Minister and depicts life in the house of commons.

  4. Anant M

    Right; thanks for that but where is the crucial point – what reminded of a Jeffrey Archer tale?

  5. sillygloop

    Well…it has instances of expose’s and also how controversies get
    started and ended, and this sparring over email reminded me of that 🙂

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