Yesterday the calculation was 4000 job losses

Today NHS trusts have announced the loss of nearly 7,000 jobs in recent weeks, and a new report predicts 100,000 could go.


Money is being wasted on a costly and damaging permanent revolution in the health service
Steve Webb
Comment: which figure do you believe?
What’s more – Elderly ‘dying undignified death’? What in UK? What in 2006? What under Labour Government? Unthinkable!
Comment: In my view it would be an insult to those ‘poorer’ countries (not third World as the West denigrating calls them) if I were to liken such undignified deaths to those Countries simply because they cannot ‘help it’. Britain can and it must. As I have stressed before – it is revealing of a culture and Country the way it treats its most vulnerable members – the children and the Older people.
Sadly, too many older people in need of public services are currently treated as second-class citizens
Gordon Lishman, of Age Concern England



Elderly people need to be consulted more about their care, the report says

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