NHS struggles with harsh medicine


Patient demand continues to surge

One hospital boss revealed how he had saved money by increasing the number of patients who were discharged in the morning – allowing them home at that time of day made it easier to get new patients in later in the day and was therefore more efficient.


Comment: Messaging the figures has been the name of the Govt’s micro-managed performance figures – compulsive obsessive behaviour. This has been and still is the fact in all public services.


Labour’s strategy has been to create ‘artificially full employment’ by getting duplication in public services – getting several people doing one person’s job and then towards the end of their ‘natural political life’ insists on economies, efficiencies and effectiveness by getting rid of those extra jobs created and make it seem more streamlined and economically frugal thing to do. It’s a win-win spin.


They can fool some of the people some of the time ….

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