Sir Magdi Yacoub – unequalled giant with the heart of gold

Hannah Clark with Sir Magdi Yacoub
Sir Magdi carried out Hannah’s original operation

"This is a great example of how a pioneering and novel approach to a medical problem can lead to surprising results that tell us a lot about how some heart diseases progress.


Comment: If I were Hannah’s father my gratitude and my admiration for this Messiah would be boundless. I would not know where to begin and how to thank this saviour. The Hindus have a saying that in such irredeemable act of selfless kindness and service – one could never repay the indebtedness even if one were to gift one’s hide to form shoes for the god-send altruistic atma (soul) such as this.


Sir Magdi Yacoub has my deepest respect. I hope that Her Majesty will honour such souls rather than those political cronies who try to ‘buy’ honours by currying favours from the Govt of the day.

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