Diabetes inhaler rejected for NHS – for cost reasons only

Diabetes injection

Many people with diabetes must have regular shots of insulin
Comment: Whilst the Govt wastes millions on mis-managed and mis-calculated GP’s workloads, and therefore their pay structures, in the new GMS Contracts – see below.
Blair defends higher GP salaries – which are nearly twice his own – (simply because he is too embarrassed to admit a mis-managed health economy just as the main economy.
It does not look like a terribly good deal at the moment for the taxpayer and the patient
Niall Dickson
King’s Fund
Note: Viagra was rejected on cost implications and so was Herceptin for breast cancer.
Herceptin verdict: reactions: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/4902800.stm
Even then Patients to be denied Herceptin
Comment: Does this Govt really have the intention and the ability to tackle health-care inequalities?

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