As I praised such far reaching & worthy legislation, earlier this year, the Indian government launched a bold, multi-million dollar scheme to tackle rural poverty. It guarantees 100 days work a year for every rural household. It’s manual work at the minimum wage.
A daily wage labourer in northern India

Lack of awareness means local villagers are often cheated

"We just do not have the delivery mechanisms," he said. "The thing everyone quotes is what Rajiv Gandhi once said: that only 15% reaches the poor."

He shook his head sadly. "But now there are people who doubt whether even 15% reaches the people it is intended to reach."


Comment: This is highly commendable initiative by the Govt. It needs to ensure good effective governance with equality of (1) access (2) information and most importantly (3) treatment – which will take care of non-existent delivery mechanisms.


Every Indian has an inherent moral duty to ensure that this happens.

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  1. Vijay

    In India, passing a law is never a problem. But implementation is a whole new ball game that politicians, courts, administrators, police all try to play but end up beaten by sheer indifference of the masses. With government schemes, it’s the age old malaise of corruption and every hand that needs to be greased will make sure that the scheme loses its sheen by the time it reaches the intended recipients.

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