Unethical drugs trials on poor, ignorant & ill-informed Indians

By 2010, some estimate there will be two million patients in India on clinical trials.

An entire industry has sprung up, specialising in recruiting patients and managing experiments.

And a BBC investigation into the conduct of these trials has found that some patients are unaware they are being experimented on at all.

A syringe


"I don’t know a lot about all these things. I am poor and I live in a small hut and I don’t understand many things. The doctors are intelligent. They write the drugs for me so I have to take them accordingly."

Drug Trials: The Dark Side will be broadcast on Thursday, 27 April, 2006 at 2100 BST on BBC Two.



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4 responses to “Unethical drugs trials on poor, ignorant & ill-informed Indians

  1. sweeti's

    OMG Anant I read abt this issue.
    Poor ppl are ginny pigs for some money…
    They use the poor…….its so sad…..
    And they dont know its experimental   OOhhhh..
    Using ppl.Where are their rights…..??
    TC Anant
    Much love

  2. Anant M

    The human Guinea Pigs are ignorant of their rights too. They are exploited both by the unscrupulous overseas Pharmaceutical Companies and worst of all by their own greedy brothers and sisters in India.

  3. Vijay

    Ignorance is being exploited and with each company having a lock on certain drugs, boycott is not an option at all. Maybe a class action suit sometime will shut them out of business for such unethical proactices.

  4. Anant M

    Vijay, As always your comments are well appreciated and valued. Here are some quick responses:
    (1) More holidays are always welcome 🙂
    Comment: This will open the way for other diverse faiths in Britain to have a stake in negotiating their most important religious days official leave – like they have in Singapore.
    (2) Indian Poverty Plan – it is precisely because of the problems you so eloquently describe that I had declared that ‘Every Indian has an inherent moral duty to ensure that this happens.’
    (3) Nepal – you claim that the successive rulers have failed the people consistently. I claim that the multi-party systems too have failed the public. They have to be extremely careful lest the Maoists might just surreptitiously get the foothold.
    (4) Post Bombs Varanasi at peace with herself – you said ‘Gujarat had Modi and Banaras does not.’ – does it imply that Modi was the catalyst for the Hindu Muslim massacre?
     (5) Unethical drugs trials – you said ‘Maybe a class action suit sometime will shut them out of business for such unethical practices.’ – I’m unsure what you mean by class action suit? But I do agree with the sentiment

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