The government has admitted it has massively overpaid tax credits to families for the second year in a row.
Comment: Not only that but they are claiming the overpayment back from the very low income families causing financial misery and further disadvantage.
I know from a few cases of mine where tenants were consistently dis-served by the Tax credit managers to such an extent that I felt that the tenants were taking the P out of pleading continuing poverty – i.e. not getting their entitlements paid despite innumerable and lengthy and very expensive phone calls.
Just like the £6.2bn NHS IT System disaster, over-payment to doctors and sheer NHS waste – resulting in massive job cuts and other similar financial fiascoes – this is yet another example of the Govt’s mis-management and plundering the public purse and that too by the ‘prudent’ chancellor who has initiated writing-off billions of pounds of African debt and who hopes to succeed Tony Blair.
I have no doubt that many poor families caught in this maze of complexity and Govt deceit may have already been evicted from their homes due to the increasing debt. Is the Govt apology an adequate redress for the break up of innumerable relationships, marriages, homes, children being torn apart and the new cycle of settled disadvantage being perpetrated by non other than the very Govt that ought to be championing equality and anti-poverty and decent housing measures? It really beggars belief.

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