1,023 foreign prisoners – mostly criminals released without trace

Jeshma Raithatha

Jeshma was attacked as she walked home from school

Details of the blunder emerged less than a week after Mr Clarke announced new measures to shake up the probation system and put new restrictive orders on violent criminals to help stop them re-offending.

Downing Street said Prime Minister Tony Blair had "full confidence" in both Mr Clarke and Home Office Minister Tony McNulty (where have you heard this chutzpah before?)(he ought to say this audacious and outrageous thing to the aggrieved parents of Jeshma Raithatha* see below)

Among the offenders, three had been convicted of murder, nine of rape, five of sex offences against children, seven had served time for other sex offences, 57 for violent offences and two for manslaughter.

There were also 41 burglars, 20 drug importers, 54 convicted of assault and 27 convicted of indecent assault among those freed.

The Home Office said it did not have full details of offences committed by more than 100 of the criminals, but 237 were failed asylum seekers and 54 were still having their asylum applications considered.

More than 870 were serving at least 12 months and 13 were serving more than 10 years


Comment: This is yet another grossly and nationally negligent debacle which would not have emerged had it not been for one persistent questioner Conservative MP Richard Bacon in the parliament.


If you are judged by the system to have a failed asylum application and you shouldn’t be here, then shouldn’t you be considered for deportation once you are released from prison?
Richard Bacon MP
How the deportation story emerged


Man charged with Jeshma’s murder*


Schoolgirl ‘murdered on way home’
Jeshma Raithatha

Jeshma was attacked, raped and killed as she walked home from school
Can anyone make the connection?
Addition: The unanswered questions  


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2 responses to “1,023 foreign prisoners – mostly criminals released without trace

  1. sillygloop

    In India, those prisoners are usualy in jail till there’s a chance of deportation I guess. Better safe than sorry is the way to go in this case!

  2. Anant M

    I call this a corporate manslaughter and negligence of the highest order against the interest and the safety and well being of the entire nation. The previous Home Secretary David Blunkett resigned twice – being being prone to scandals. These guys ought to be given a medal for stupidity, negligence and dishonesty.

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