I refuse the word black Wednesday as it is used pejoratively. Besides all including the PM are white. So allow the word ‘white’ to mean exposed naked or even comeuppance deserved day.
Labour’s third term woes
Charles Clarke
Tony Blair

Tony Blair (licking the beads of sweat) faced intense pressure in his third term
Patricia Hewitt – blew it
 Patricia Hewitt
Patricia Hewitt got a rough ride
John Prescott

Nicknamed "Two Jags" for his love of luxury cars, Mr Prescott is known as a no-nonsense politician who has made as many enemies as he has friends.


Comment: Now he shall be known as "Two Shags" Prescott. You decide where your valuable vote should go this local election 4 May 2006 (to wish Tony happy birthday on the 5 May) and in the next General Election. It is said that ‘experience’ is the best teacher – only the school fees are too heavy. Since you now realise the ‘fruits’ of your mistake last general election 05/05/05; do try no to have such a short memory!

And the PM said Mr Prescott’s affair was a "private matter", even if the deputy prime minister might have made fun of Conservative predecessors had they been in his position.

Then why were the revelation that a Conservative cabinet minister, Cecil Parkinson, had fathered a child by his secretary Sara Keays was one of the great political scandals of the 1980s and why did Cecil Parkinson have to resign over the affair?



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One response to “26/04/2006 BLAIRS ‘WHITE’ WEDNESDAY

  1. sillygloop

    A different yardstick for different people and parties I guess. But it does help the people know more about their representatives culpability and conscience which can help them make up their mind when it comes to the vote.

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