Europe heart care ‘fails adults’
But this research, published in the European Heart Journal, found there were too few specialist centres to support adults with the condition.
Researchers analysed data from 71 centres in four countries which agreed to fill in questionnaires.
"However, as the researchers themselves recognise, the survey was only carried out in four countries so further research would be needed to discover how services compare to other countries in Europe."
Comment: This remains one of the health inequality in Britain especially within the South Asian immigrant population who have particular genetic disposition towards developing CHD.
Within Milton Keynes there remains an inexplicable highest rate of death – post cardiac event and treatment in males over 60.
I have been involved in various health fora and have highlighted the various failings including hospital diet especially the so-called ‘ethnic meals’ leaving a lot to be desired in way of nutritional knowledge especially within the cardiac wards where unwary patients were advised to reduce weight, cut down on intake of fat especially saturated fat – whilst the ‘ethnic meals’ served contained about a centimeter of floating oil on top of the curry meal! When I raised the issue with the catering manager and the cardiac staff – I was told of the budgetary constraints that necessitated the hospital to buy such meals in from Asian caterers who also had to cut corners to prepare the meals & freeze them in the take-away foil containers. As a result the oil separated and floated on the top when the meals were reheated. when the unwary patients opened the meal containers what greeted them was floating oil!

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