Prescott angry at lover’s claims
‘We both knew it was risky’
Comment: My guess is that this fact, an open secret in within the Cabinet, may have Machiavellian scheming at the highest level to either:
  • force Tony Blair (with triple whammy) to depart with what ever little dignity he has – a move could have been orchestrated by Gordon Brown camp. 
  • deflect heat off Charles Clark’s Ministerial incompetence and allow Tony Blair time to
  • get rid of Prescott or move him so Tony’s crony Alan Milburn can  take over Deputy PM’s post in time before Tony departs to pose a real challenge to Gordon Brown
  • Allow Gordon Brown to select a Deputy PM of his choice (assuming the expose could have precipitated PM’s departure either voluntarily or compulsorily via the Leadership challenge – a move deviously favoured by Tony himself especially after he moves his favoured Alan Milburn in ODPM)
  • accord the Conservatives a reasonable chance of getting in as New Labour did in 1997 due to excessive Conservative sleaze. New labour got in pretending to be (I so hate to use this phrase) ‘Whiter than white’ – meaning unadulterated, uncontaminated, unpolluted, clean, untainted, unblemished, wholesome, unalloyed, chaste, unsullied, uncorrupted, innocent, sinless, moral, virtuous & therefore, by implication, the opposite for Black.

Then again it could be none of these but a sheer unlucky streak for Labour. Watch this space.

Latest 01/05/06:

A parliamentary standards watchdog has said it is up to Tony Blair to decide Mr Prescott’s fate over his admission of an affair with his secretary.

Comment: It is quite immaterial as to how many times or where and how he had sex. The crucial issue is that he did it whilst on duty (if that means anything to Labour louts anymore). the other issue that both the public and more importantly the Prime Minister ought not to forget or let any one else forget is the very fact that it has been ODPM (Office of Deputy Prime Minister) has been instrumental in legislating for LOCAL LEADERSHIP, LOCAL CHOICE- High standards of conduct throughout local government hypocritical) and that there are Ministerial Standards to be observed in accordance with The Committee on Standards in Public Life:


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