Boring dinners ‘boost chip shops’ – really?

Healthy but boring school dinners could be encouraging children to buy their lunch from chip shops instead, a head teachers’ leader has warned.

Mick Brookes, general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers, criticised a regime of "gastronomic Puritanism" at its annual conference.


Jamie Oliver serving some children

Jamie Oliver promoted healthy school dinners in a TV documentary
Comment: Although I was the the original founder of this movement in 1980s as a Chairman of School Governors in the first school where my daughters went in Milton Keynes, I must give Jamie unequivocal and heartfelt credit for taking this august issue to No 10 and getting funding for it.
For someone (who perhaps has never cooked a family dinner or understands nutrition and future economic intelligence of this nation) to discredit this public health initiative simply because he as the Union Rep could not get a better dig at the Governmment or as a parent is too negligent to coach his own children in what is and how to prepare better nutritionally beneficial meal on a shoe-strings (for those cash strapped uni young people) is blatantly against the public health debate and ought to be lambasted for his uninvited and unwanted and unnecessary and unintelligent bark.

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One response to “Boring dinners ‘boost chip shops’ – really?

  1. sweeti's

    Its seems that Kids dont eat healthy nowadays.
    Also her in Belgium   Kids can stay over in schools and have good food But like everywhere there is junk food  and kids
    are growing fatter with the day….Not that good for their future …they sit a whole day in front of a computer and dont do sports  .. 
    This has to change fot the benefit of the kids of course
    The future….
    TC and keep smiling

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