Fatal arson ‘racially motivated’

Shopkeepers warned in arson probe
Comment: Just a thought occurred to me. When Idi Amin ejected thousands of Indian and Pakistani businessmen & their families from Uganda overnight in 1972 leaving all their real estate & other savings behind – purely because they were Asian – he was deemed a megalomaniac, a buffoon and a nincompoop (that is my description).
The Asian community happens to be the favourite punching bag of certain politicians
Around 1990 there were fatal & systematic riots in Nairobi which were targeting only against Indian Businesses where innumerable Asian women were brutally gang raped whilst others in the families were made to watch. many were murdered if resisted. Although Kenyan by citizenship my extended family left soon after as the situation had become intolerable. But the gist of the matter is that these violations were called riots and were not deemed racially motivated against one community.
As my earlier article reveals that Kenyan people themselves have been suffering. There are inter-tribe killings termed as ‘ethnic killings’.
When it involves Northern Ireland – and IRA terrorism – it is called simply sectarian violence – not terrorism.
When it is Iraq – although sectarian violence – it is called terrorism. Just a thought.


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2 responses to “Fatal arson ‘racially motivated’

  1. Vijay

    We all live in a world where different yardsticks are used for measuring the same action. While objectvity is certainly lacking, sometimes even sight is not there and we remain blinded to what should be obvious to any impassionate observer.

  2. Anant M

    Quite true but I wonder if the word ‘yardsticks’ invokes a sense of precise measure in one’s mind whilst actually meaning that the sticks may been doctored deliberately with a shorter measure but appearing to be ‘yardsticks’ to white-wash the public opinion into believing that the racially motivated violence were motivated by Asian Community’s exclusive and self-preserving outlook and behaviours. That they were unprepared to socially and sexually integrate with the African indigenous people.
    If that is the case – the question must arise – how many whites integrated with the blacks in that way in all those years they ruled Africa, India & rest of the World? And more importantly – how many Africans themselves have inter-married within their various tribes since time immemorial?

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