Liberia sex-for-aid – lowest of the low?

Comment: I have no words to even attempt to describe such depraved people (to call them animals would be denigrating animal kingdom). To call them the lowest of the low is still an insult to those in that position. I have no words for it. I did not believe that the so called intelligent life form to which, much ashamedly I belong, could ever stoop to such depraved exploitative acts of self gratifications perpetrated upon the most vulnerable, and that too females and that too children and that too at the very mercy of their survival needs. I have been over come with infinite pity and empathy for the victims to the point where it turns into love. At the same time the emotions that I feel for those manipulating perpetrators in the name of charitable acts – is indescribable. At risk of affecting my blood pressure and my health, I’d rather not allow myself to be too worked up about the perpetrated injustices.


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3 responses to “Liberia sex-for-aid – lowest of the low?

  1. sweeti's

    Its the worst of the worst…
    Ppl u suppost to help   Do These things…..????
    These kids are ruined for their lives
    U say these ppl are animals.nonononono
    No Anat these ppl are ppl..Animals dont do this.
    Animals do this of nature to have lil ones……Ppl are PPl
    Plz I hope u agree with my point of vew
    TC and try to smile after such news

  2. sillygloop

    The naive will always be exploited till humans can behave like one. Power corrupts and this can be seen in all levels of society today with just a few exceptions.

  3. Shweta Jain

    Dropped in from Vijay’s space. Just wanted to tell you that I’m in a hurry to read what’s in here but I sure will come back to your space. It looks like one of the brilliant spaces around to get a lot of food for thought and have mature discussions.

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