Blair re-confirming what is apparent & the obvious


Critics say Labour has had nine years to tackle the problems.

Since 1997, Labour has passed more than 40 pieces of criminal justice legislation.

The lack of a connection between what the public expects from the criminal justice system and what it gets is becoming a recurrent theme for Mr Blair.

"Who does Mr Blair think he’s kidding when he now claims he is the man to restore confidence in our criminal justice system, after such a lamentable nine year record?"


Comment: In my response of 13/05/06 to my avid commentator Vijay Krishnan I have already addressed this obvious truth:

Ever since this Govt was elected May 1997 on "dealing with crime and causes of crime" pledges – crime has increased, violent crime including use of guns & knives have drastically increased as a direct result of the Police being bogged down in quite unnecessary paperwork covering their backs and manipulating the Govt targets rather doing the actual policing. Their greatly increased workload is a direct result of plethora of quite ineffective legislations by this Govt.

 This unpaid ‘special constable’ was going her community and the Metropolitan Police a great favour.

 She was caught unawares in her nightclothes without armed protection. The Police are inundated with serious crime workload to an extent where break-ins and burglaries are not considered worth ‘brownie points’ or bothering about. Besides Jails are so full that the judges have begun to give sentences of community service with (ineffective) probation rather than jail where they learn more tricks of the trade rather than come our contrite and reformed.

 For a PM, who also happens to be a barrister, to bring a country down to heel – through negligence and incompetence in dealing with illegal immigrant & criminal elements and with ’causes of crime’ – through perpetrating more poverty and inequalities – environmental, social as well as economical – is unacceptable.

 Even when armed the Police are killed like in the case of WPC Sharon Beshenivsky

 Special constable Mrs Patel-Nasri was killed almost on the eve of her wedding anniversary and on the eve of her brother’s wedding this weekend. What can anyone say or do to console a family suddenly stricken with such abject grief?


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2 responses to “Blair re-confirming what is apparent & the obvious

  1. sillygloop

    This is definitely an area where many countries have to carry out reform. Having laws is the first step but the implementation of those laws and prison reform programs are integral parts of a solution to this issue.

  2. Anant M

    Yes; but what about dealing with ’causes of crime’? Public Service reforms have not delivered. In fact it had further disadvantaged front-line workers through obsessive compulsive excessive performance management monitoring. There are more monitors than workers trying to deliver the outcomes.
    There needs to be co-ordinated comprehensive assault from education with exercise regimes including athletics and inter-school games & competitions, with good nutrition and food preparation training,  vocational training, employment, good affordable housing, social, environmental & economic well-being, life style changes, public health education, with recognised public health champions exemplarily motivating others towards healthier and fulfilling and successful life.

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