Black British Boy stabbed to death near school – Why? How many more?

He was looked up to by youngsters here, terribly well respected, an extremely reliable, hard working, bright young man
Phil Hearne


Kiyan Prince


"He was one of our brightest young talents and the way he went about his business was a credit to himself and his family."


Comment: An imminent national hero and a role model for the Black & Minority Ethnic communities – quite unjustly denied the right to make his family and his Country proud. What can one say or do to ease the unbearable sudden grief that has engulfed his family, school and community. May the merciful God grant – those grieving – the emotional strength to overcome this abject grief and eternal peace to his soul in heaven. Amen.


20/05/06 LATEST: A 16-year-old boy has been arrested in connection with the death of a talented teenage footballer

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One response to “Black British Boy stabbed to death near school – Why? How many more?

  1. sweeti's

    I saw it on tv some hours ago,I saw students  crying
    with flowers….interviewed That the guy was such a good person. WhY??? again ……..Anant   WHY???
    This is not normal anymore….Whats going on with the world
    Its like a human life is nothing worth anymore …The family,,his friends so much sadness…
    Could it be jealousy???The young man made it in his difficult life…He had a future…..Now his future is gone..His life has ended in a very horible way.
    Its said everything has a meaning in life…
    Whats is the meaning of this?
    I have no answer.
    We hope that he did not gave his life for nothing..That the ppl in UK dont tolerate such actions….Demonstrations….
    but u know Anant after some weeks ppl forget..Only family,friends and students of his school will remember him…isn;t that sad.
    Indeed this entry makes me sad….
    Why didn’t  God gave us all the same colour,,,the same believes……and no jealousy….Than these things wouldnt happen  I am allowed to dream  hehe  ..Or there maybe other reasons to kill…???.
    Ppl are ppl
    Much love

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