Blair Zeitgeist Project – with internal risk management

What will the English school system look like by the time Tony Blair leaves Downing Street?

Bill’s third reading

So will Blair complete his vision: a future where every school is either an academy, a trust or – at the very least – a specialist college? Next week, this vision faces a critical barrier.

As Mr Willetts said, it would be "extremely useful for an incoming Conservative government to have the powers that are in this Bill".

So what might a future Conservative government do with those powers? Certainly, the Conservatives would want to go further down the road of independence for schools than even Mr Blair has indicated. They would remove still more power from local education authorities.

Might this further reform include allowing commercial companies to run Trust Schools at a profit? When asked, Mr Willetts chose his words carefully: "We are not proposing for-profit schools for now but we do not rule them out for the future."

It should be an interesting few days in the House of Commons. And, of course, there is still the House of Lords to come where Lord Kinnock and Lady Estelle Morris lie in wait for the Bill.

Tony Blair’s schools revolution still has some obstacles to overcome.


Comment: With the help of Tories in the House of Commons & the House of Lords, he might just clear the hurdle.


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6 responses to “Blair Zeitgeist Project – with internal risk management


    hello dost…. well i dont really knw much abt the brit politics… but iam really feelin honored to have ur presence on my blog….
    yes i can imagine its obvious to feel gud to be a father of well mannered and beautiful gals…. u knw that is what makes u lucky…
    coz its easy to be a gud human but beign a gud parent is the toughest job ever…well its not me who says this .. its my dad… yep i luv him alot..everyday when we talk on phone he’ll ask me tons a question abt my well beign…
    sometimes it annoys me but i knw that he loves me soo very much…u knw me doing gud in my life makes him a gud father….
    anyways lemme stop writing bt mme …:P…. yep u have gotta very nice pictures of your which part of the uk are you from… have u ever had the opportunity to witness a cricket match at lords or at oval…???
    and what do u do in uk ?? r u a resident there…??? well i am a punjabi… i would love to catchup with you on man msnger ..i mean if you really use it….
    anyways… hope things r goin fine at ur side… u rock my fren !!! ….

  2. Window Shopper

    Hi Anant, Am Sidharth from Delhi. i enjoyed my lil stay on your space.Here is a linnk of my msn acquaintance Mr. Balaji, you would like his attitude, interests & posts.

  3. þ®äýåg

    gr8 space…..interesting posts too…keep it up,peace…..

  4. Anant M

    Sat Sri Akaal Saurabh
    Thank you for your compliments. Much appreciated. If you look at my profile it is quite open for all to see what work I do and where. If you go back in archives from April 2005 you’ll see my voluntary work within various areas of local, central Government and communities.
    Time permitting we will catch up some time but meanwhile please browse on this site including all the photos. Every bit has a story which will catch your attention.

  5. Anant M

    Thank you for your contributions. I may need your help in locating a long lost friend of mine whose photo appears with me whilst being introduced to Smt Indira Gandhi at her home in Delhi.
    I have seen Balaji’s site too. As you say he has similar interests. Time permitting I hope to devote more time in the near future.
    Meanwhile Jai Hind & Namaskaar

  6. Anant M

    Thank you for your positive comments encouraging the heart. Much appreciated.

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