Alan Milburn (then Health Secretary) promised that “her death would not be in vain”.

MY PREVIOUS ENTRY REFERS: 21/12/2005 System ‘failed starving children’ – what in Blunkett Territory?


But then he would say that wouldn’t he?


Mr Climbie, speaking from Abidjan on the Ivory Coast, said: "The government can give all the money it likes, but if the services do not communicate with each other, then it’s logical – the child protection system will always fail."
He said that when his daughter died the then health secretary, Alan Milburn, promised him and his wife that "her death would not be in vain".
  <<BBC NEWS  UK  Climbie parents call for action.url>>
Comment: Joined-up working (although I have been accomplishing it within Camden since 1980s) is like the Yeti – the Govt has spun and insisted it exists – but no one has yet seen it.



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