Where have you heard this before eh? But this time it is not about borders dispute but about joined-up partnership in rogering the West. read on…

Manmohan Singh and Wen Jiabao

Will the strategic partnership turn into genuine friendship?
My previous comments refers:

India and US hold nuclear talks




Friday, 23 December 2005, 06:21 GMT

Comment: India’s position, indeed, is and has always been unique because it has been and has remained non-aligned since its Independence in 1947, has not signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, has now emerged as a major global economy, political, military and now nuclear force – a force to be reckoned with besides being the largest and the most diverse democracy in the World.

What choice does US or UK have but to extend their hands in friendship lest the Asia and the South Pacific economies merge to annihilate the West out of existence?


Current question:

Genuine friendship?

One of the greatest questions is how these two giants will manage the relationship with each other.


Comment: Quite nicely given the nincompoopery of the West in perpetrating gross injustices – quite nicely indeed; I say.

Napoleon the mighty midget once said about China: Let that giant sleep; for when it awakes – it will shake the World. The stupid admiral did not even consider India as a giant. What a trollop?


24/05/06 Emerging giants: Workers’ stories





A Chinese construction worker in front of the Three Gorges Dam

The main wall of China’s controversial Three Gorges Dam, due to be completed on Saturday, nine months ahead of schedule.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/front_page/4863090.stm (SHEER INCOMPETENCY AT ITS BEST)


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  1. Window Shopper

    informatively witty.
    sir, no need to thanks, all i can do it try to assist in the possible way i can to contirbute least in your search of old mates.have a good day

  2. sillygloop

    I have to agree with Napolean. Chinese had built a wall to insulate themselves from the threats of the world and they have slowly but surely gone from strength to strength. In case of India, it remains a wannabe due to the restrictive effect of corrupt politicians, caste based vote bank politics and ineffective administrators. Indians prosper but the state languishes.
    And this is definitely a partnership that is not targetted at anybody but for leveraging each others’ strengths to improve the quality of life. It would definitely not be targetted against the west which is heavily invested in these countries.

  3. Anant M

    Thank you Siddharth
    Much appreciated. I will write to you separately about my friends in Delhi.

  4. Anant M

    Thank you Vijay
    But I’m going to stick my neck out here about the Western Economies wielding undue and unfair political influence over the rest.
    One good example is Coca Cola in India before nationalisation and PL480 in 1965 onwards by USA when they were loaning waste wheat (which they burn anyway) to India as a Public Loan 480 as if doing a  great Daan or unconditional Charity upon the poor of India. But was it unconditional? Do you believe it was?
    What I’m saying is that although India-China may not want to ‘control’ the west economically, the partnership must not underestimate their (the West’s) motives nor the fact that time of some pay back or comeuppance has been accorded by waqt to the East which should not be squandered like the kings and leaders did with the entire countries in the past. The partnership ought to and must influence the Global Agenda without fear or favour from now on in the true spirit of the East – without inflicting poverty and pain onto others or malice towards anyone.

  5. sillygloop

    "The partnership ought to and must influence the Global Agenda without fear or favour from now on in the true spirit of the East – without inflicting poverty and pain onto others or malice towards anyone." – that is definitely an ideal goal.

  6. Anant M

    Thank you Vijay once again
    I certainly hope that the ‘ideal goal’ is realisable and will be persuasive upon other  civilisations & economies.

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