Two Labour MPs behind the fundraising event where a copy of the Hutton report signed by Cherie Blair was auctioned have said they regret any offence.
Dr David Kelly

Lord Hutton found that Dr Kelly had committed suicide


Comment: This was a very obnoxious act by a well know Barrister claiming to represent breaches of Human Rights & Employment Law in Britain and wife to Prime Minister another Barrister. It is unacceptable. It beggars belief how stupid and insensitive the PM & his family can be.

Dr Kelly, as per previous entry shows, was either forced by the Blair Spin machinery to commit suicide or, in Eliza Doolittle’s words – was "done in" by Blair machinery although Hutton Report (which was skewed in Labour’s favour) cleared Blair & Gov.


On top of all that to see PM’s wife auctioning Hutton Report for party political fund raising is the height of insults or ‘rubbing chilli powder into the wounds’

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