On This Day – 1955: Election victory for Tories under Eden

Comment: Knowing of the current shenanigans by the Deputy Prime Minister no less with his PA, bless her knickers, who keeps her salary, her perks and her privileges despite all, one wonders what was like under Eden when there was a total purdah from any such sleazy bits getting out as openly and as ineffectively as now.
I am reminded of John Steinbeck’s East of Eden – when Adam or Carl Trask is said to have ‘wedded, bedded and impregnated’ his newly wed wife in the same night. Does this remind you of anyone in the Blair Government or Eden or Macmillan or Thatcher Government?
Lib Dems – bless them – without being in Govt have had their fair share of sheninigans.
It is time for the exemplary independents.

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Filed under Déjà vu?

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