Do India’s looney left labour laws belabour social mobility & global competitiveness?

With due respect to Prof Basu’s learned status, I’d like more people from Indian public as well as private sector to comment whether the following
  • labour laws
  • clogged up Employment Tribunal or Court system
  • illegal undeclared labour market
  •  central govt as well as local govt corruption
  • punitive personal and business taxation
  • pervasive culture of employability by jaan-pahechaan (whom you know not what you know)
  • culture not quality-led – requiring reform in public services and private sector productivity
  • inequalities (especially with regards to recent reports of Govt laws having gone for an over-kill with regard to promoting positive discrimination in favour of Dalits and other disadvantaged people) other discriminatory practices, social exclusion.

act as barriers to both public sector and private sector business critical innovations and improved productivity and accountability?


Comment: I am certain that there are millions of young, enthusiastic, talented, gifted and globally enviable people in India bursting to be given a chance to prove their worth.


Any public or business leader, worth his/her salt, must recognise that there are staff, in all organisations, wishing to change for some time who are highly self-motivated, talented and innovative bursting with ideas, energy and enthusiasm to excel but have been stopped by senior colleagues or by other barriers. The crucial leadership & managerial task is to seek out such gifted gems and to dismantle barriers to performance and productivity and channel talent into avenues that will directly contribute to the achievement of the organisational goals.

Latest: Addressing inequalities:


Archive photo of earlier Bangalore protest

Bangalore has seen several protests against the plan


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2 responses to “Do India’s looney left labour laws belabour social mobility & global competitiveness?

  1. sillygloop

    Archaic laws and corruption apart from state prejudice against creating a level playing field will continue the age old situation – rich Indians but a poor India.

  2. Anant M

    Very well put Vijay but that where young Indians like you need to not only rock the boat but overturn the damn thing altogether. I have persuaded you about that before.
    See my next input about the booming Indian Economy = China’s & do comment.

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