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Intelligence is finite, but stupidity knows no limits. Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami (1927-2001)

More get tax credit overpayments – TAXING THE TAX PAYERS
NHS ‘failing’ disabled children
GPs dissatisfied with IT system

And Richard Bacon, a member of the Public Accounts Committee, said the entire project had been plagued by a "whole load of problems", while choose and book was "little short of a disaster".


COMMENT: Billions wasted in the Chancellor’s baby – the most complicated and the most ineffective tax credit system devised – to address poverty but is actually perpetrating it in the very families who neither need it nor can ‘afford’ it.


Billions are wasted in the NHS including, as per my previous reports, on the far fetched IT system which the Doctors are averse to use because it is deemed ‘useless’. Like the Govt mantra of ‘letting the polluter pay’ – shall I recharge Tony Blair & Co for bankrupting my Country?

Billions wasted on ineffective security systems to thwart illegal immigrants and criminals. The Home Office doesn’t ‘have the faintest’ about how many arrived, remained, committed crimes, left or propagated themselves? Billions wasted on ineffective security systems at various entry points in the UK. Billions wasted in improving the Judicial system. Billions wasted in providing costly Legal Aid to the very illegal immigrants who had the chutzpah to challenge the UK’s legal system.

Billions wasted in paying handsomely the incompetent nincompoops in the very Government including one John Prescott for now doing nothing at all!


Talking of John Prescott – it now appears that the Office of Deputy PM Staff Rules warned against ‘improper conduct at work’ – it states: "You must not make inappropriate use of official time, information and resources of the Office."


Knowing that he was indispensable: Prescott and PM’s future ‘linked’; John Prescott used that information, the official time and the resource (his PA) inappropriately. To pay him for the next few years to carry on with his modus operandii with impunity, I hasten to add, and without any accountability is certainly becoming a trade-mark of this NEW LABOUR GOVT. IT MUST GO. 

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