Movez Ishaq

Movez Ishaq is one of the latest victims of the Kashmir dispute
Comment: A victim indeed. A very innocent and undeserving one. Having lost both his parents – he is now ‘stateless’. His only misfortune – being conceived by an Indian Kashmiri Muslim mother and Pakistani Kashmiri Muslim father.

We in the West talk of community cohesion? The White Brits have ruled India and other countries by fragmenting cohesion wherever it existed. The same communities in the UK are still fragmented in Burnley, Bradford, Birmingham, Oldham, Manchester, Luton and elsewhere. Unless these communities learn to discard the long held baggage from South Asia – they cannot unite for any common purpose against a common segregating and discriminating culture.
Yeh Massoom bacchey ka kya kasoor hey? kya kasoor hey? (What has this innocent child done to deserve this?)
Latest: On Friday 02/06/06, the Indian High commission in Islamabad accepted the child’s application for the passport on humanitarian grounds

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