On This Day 1989: Massacre in Tiananmen Square

An unidentified man attempts to block tanks entering the square
An unidentified man attempts to block tanks entering the square. As to what fate befell him has never been known.
Comment: This article states, "Several hundred civilians have been shot dead by the Chinese army during a bloody military operation to crush a democratic uprising in Peking’s (Beijing) Tiananmen Square."
Where have you heard this before? Jalianwala Baag massacre 6 April 1930 – see excerpts from Mahatma Gandhiji’s 1930 Dandi March Diary entries. http://www.saltmarch.org.in/h_daterecord.html
Press Statement to Eastern News and Press Agency, N.Y., USA: “In all humility but in perfect truth I claim that if we attain our end through non-violent means India will have delivered a message for the world.” Mahatma Gandhi.


The above article also states, "US President George Bush said he deeply deplored the use of force, and UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said she was "shocked and appalled by the shootings". No prizes for guessing where you might have head the name George Bush before? But what an audacity of this man claiming he deeply deplored the use of force when his name sake, and God forsaken, son has done just that in Afghanistan & Iraq? Did anyone hear GB Senior ‘deeply deplore’ GWB Junior’s use of force?


Equally, would Lady Thatcher, if she were an MP in 1930, have condemned the British Govt’s actions inflicting innumerable Jalianwala Baag massacres upon the peoples of India?



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4 responses to “On This Day 1989: Massacre in Tiananmen Square

  1. sweeti's

    When will this stop….This killings???
    T think Anant as long as there are human beings these violent things
    will go on for ever and ever……
    Much love

  2. Anant M

    That is precisely why what Gandhi achieved was super-human

  3. sillygloop

    Debates should be held peacefully and not with the fear of the bullet hanging over the head of the intellectuals. Systems of governance can be decided only by majority participation of the governed populace and anything else would sooner or later be history!

  4. Anant M

    What you say is true in an elected democratic government. But we are taking of totalitarian china and the hypocrisy of the utterances coming out of the West in direct comparison to their most audacious behaviour on the Earth observed by us all recently.
    Such behavior leads to conflict as there is no social, political or Global trust.

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