UK’s first successful beating-heart transplant.

In the longer term it is not just hearts that can be handled by such systems but other organs too, particularly the liver
Chris Rudge


If the technique proved successful in resuscitating hearts that were currently unusable the number of transplants could be tripled or quadrupled, he added.


Comment: All of us must encourage the heart of the Papworth Hospital Team in Cambridge in achieving this significant innovation in cardiac surgery and treatment for heart disease.


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2 responses to “UK’s first successful beating-heart transplant.

  1. sweeti's

    I do hope Anant they can do this technics with all organs….so more lives can be saved….

  2. Anant M

    I hope so too. Prof Sir Magdi Yacoub came on the news yesterday saying that the possibilities for all organs are thus enhanced. Keep our fingers and hearts crossed.

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