Two men arrested by the Metropolitan Police after a raid on a house in East London have been released without charge

General view of the scene of the raid on Lansdown road

An extensive search took place at the home in east London


Comment: So what was that compelling ‘intelligence’ that required the Metropolitan Police to act that incisively and with that amount of Police (250?) and at that cost to the public?


Are we to understand that the alleged ‘compelling intelligence’ was of the same category as that other persuasive intelligence pointing the way to Saddam’s accumulated arsenal of WMD that could be launched within 45 minutes on Number Ten?


Since it is East London – shall we call it codswallop or more appropriately in the EastEnder Language "Ooi, yer takin’ the p**s aintchya? Sling yer ‘ook mate!"



10/06/06 Like above – Muslim Council of Britain chief Mohammed Abdul Bari said: "The question the community raises is the genuineness of the intelligence."

Quite right, and so we ought to.


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